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Recently, the state of New York has seen legislative changes which have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21. While many municipalities throughout Orange County, NY, have opted out of the sale of marijuana, this leaves an enormous area of opportunity for those that haven’t. Municipalities such as Warwick, Tuxedo, Woodbury, Newburgh, and a handful of others represent target areas for new and developing dispensaries. 

Yet, entering this rapidly growing market comes with important legal considerations. When seeking a trusted cannabis lawyer, Orange County business owners and entrepreneurs turn to Kaufman McGowan PLLC, Corporate & Securities Counsel to the Cannabis Industry™.

Experienced Cannabis Lawyer in Orange County

Our area of expertise is concentrated in upstate New York, including Orange County. Cannabis law applies to local businesses involved in every facet of the supply chain, including the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis products, as well as distribution and retail dispensaries. With decades of experience in corporate and securities law, our attorneys are well-versed in the legal landscape surrounding cannabis sale and distribution throughout New York.

Enlist our professional guidance when pursuing the complex undertakings of business and license applications, securing capital, and maintaining compliance with both current and evolving laws. While the legalization of cannabis is a fairly new development for New Yorkers, our dedicated lawyers have already supported our clients through more than $2 billion of industry financing and acquisition transactions.

How Our Orange County Cannabis Attorneys Can Help You

If you’re pursuing a cannabis venture and need assistance navigating the legal aspects of the industry, turn to Kaufman McGowan PLLC to ensure compliance and adherence with best practices.

We concentrate in:

    We are available at our offices in Manhattan, New York City, Hauppauge, New York and Kingston, New York. We are available by phone at (631) 972-0042 or by contacting us here.

    As New York State opens its doors to legal cannabis, Dutchess County emerges as a key player in the industry. For any entrepreneur looking to make their mark, the guidance of a trusted cannabis lawyer in Dutchess County is crucial. New York’s Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act provides a foundation for cannabis cultivation and processing in the state, but counties and individual communities can develop additional guidelines for retail and distribution, so entrepreneurs often need help making sense of it all.

    Experienced Dutchess County Cannabis Attorneys

    Dutchess County is not just geographically strategic—it’s a hub of entrepreneurial spirit ready to embrace the cannabis sector. 

    However, navigating the complexities of cannabis regulations requires more than just business know-how. A seasoned cannabis lawyer in Dutchess County offers knowledge of state and local cannabis laws and a profound understanding of the county’s unique landscape.

    The Dutchess County cannabis attorneys on our team are well-versed with the details of the industry. From cultivation restrictions to retail regulations, we provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring businesses operate within legal boundaries while maximizing opportunities.

    Reasons to Partner With Our Dutchess County Cannabis Law Firm

    Selecting the right Dutchess County cannabis law firm goes beyond legal advice; it’s about having a partner dedicated to your venture’s success. Our firm stands out for several reasons:

    • Deep local insight: Our expertise in Dutchess County cannabis law means we understand the local dynamics, ensuring your business aligns with both community standards and legal parameters.
    • Comprehensive legal services: From business formation to intricate contractual agreements, our range of services ensures every legal aspect of your cannabis venture is covered.
    • Strategic guidance: Beyond compliance, our team offers strategic guidance, helping businesses leverage local opportunities, anticipate challenges, and grow sustainably in the county’s fast-changing landscape.

    With the cannabis industry’s future shining brightly in Dutchess County, having a dedicated law firm by your side ensures not only compliance but also a competitive edge in a growing market.

    We concentrate in:

    We are available at our offices in Manhattan, New York City, Hauppauge, New York and Kingston, New York. We are available by phone at (631) 972-0042 or by contacting us here.

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