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Whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes or are hoping to obtain a cannabis license to operate a business that sells cannabis products, the legal landscape can be confusing and difficult to navigate. With the recently enacted Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), New York State enacted its own framework for state-legalizing and regulating the purchase and sale of marijuana products. Understanding the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, and any subsequent laws and regulations that follow it, is imperative for any cannabis business’s success in Manhattan, New York County and New York City. Finding a top local cannabis law firm is the first step to ensuring your business succeeds and complies with all the regulations. 

Under the MRTA, New York has created a framework that tries to help support cannabis entrepreneurs throughout the state. This includes the Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) License, which prioritizes supporting business owned by justice-involved New Yorkers and their close family members. Justice-involved means to New Yorkers who were convicted of or charged with a marijuana-based offense previously or those who have had a parent, spouse, child, or dependent convicted of or charged with such an offense. While this is great news for someone looking to restart their life through entrepreneurship, it is essential to remember that all new laws will also carry their own regulations and limitations. Understanding and abiding by these rules can be complex.  

New York County Cannabis Attorneys to Support Your Business

If you are planning to own and/or operate a cannabis business or already do, it helps to consult a legal team when you have questions about obtaining a cannabis license, complying with the cannabis regulations, starting up your cannabis business, merging with another business, or seeking funding. Finding a cannabis lawyer in Manhattan, New York County or New York City that understands the specific issues in the cannabis industry can be difficult, but offers you a uniquely knowledgeable ally for business development, investment and success. At Kaufman McGowan PLLCCorporate & Securities Counsel to the Cannabis Industry™, we are one of the leading corporate cannabis law firms in Manhattan, New York County, New York City, the State of New York and the USA.

Our Manhattan, New York County and New York City cannabis law firm is here to help you navigate the MRST and other cannabis laws and the cannabis regulations and keep you ahead of changes and new regulations as they unfold. With clients located throughout the United States, we are proud to serve clients and businesses throughout the New York City metropolitan area and beyond.

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